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DAN is a web-based Extranet built specially for consultants and other professionals engaged in the international development cooperation field. It provides its members an extensive range of productivity tools, for individuals as well as in a group context, enabling them to do much of their business from any PC in the world and to keep up with opportunities while away from the home office.

Improve personal productivity Enhance group interactions

- Private spam-free messaging, file transfer, online filing system, send to any email address in seconds, from any PC

- Direct transfer of docs from any PC to any PC

- Key docs always with you, and can be distributed to anyone in seconds

- Search, immediately contact other members for expertise, joint ventures. (Identities hidden by usernames) Promote your achievements, Members News page, Events Calendars

- Space and editing tools provided for your personal memberpage

- Secure, spam-free internal message and file transfer system

- Own private Meeting Rooms for any groups, topics, incl doc sharing and dedicated chat channels

- High speed transfer of docs in/out of Meetings

- MyContacts list shows online presence, to trigger instant chat Manage, coordinate dispersed teams in unique Project Management system, a sub-extranet for each project

- Discussion Forums, classified ads, links to Tenders, Country data, news, employment


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