The DevelopmentAdvisers Network (DAN) operates like a private members club for full- or part time consultants and experts operating in the international development field. it is a web-based extranet, where members register and later login their UserNames and access passwords in order to gain entry. It may also be described as a "distributed enterprise portal", which channels to the development adviser all the knowledge, dynamic information, contacts and logistical capacity which he needs for high level performance in his role. He is always "in touch" with latest developments anywhere, and can quickly endow himself with whatever briefing data he needs to respond effectively to any opportunity.

No matter where he is, the DAN member is accessible at all times. And he can communicate, securely, from any PC, without requiring local software. He is "web-based", carrying his most important files with him and having the capacity to send them to anywhere, inside or outside DAN, in seconds. He can respond to opportunities immediately, enhancing his personal resources by forming collaborations with some of the thousands of other DAN professionals like him, via the free Profiles database and the Bulletin Board. (Profiles use Usernames and mask real identities for as long as a member wishes). He can follow up via a unique private high speed messaging system, as well as "instant messaging", secure and auditable, or use other communications channels, including the establishment of private chat rooms with one or many colleagues in the system. He can promote himself to other members and to clients via his Profile, his DAN-hosted webpage, in the Members News area and on the Bulletin Board and in Forums. He can access research,donor programme details, news and logistic/travelling information and local contacts for any country of interest, as well as latest tender opportunities from leading funding agencies. There are also many other features (of which one of the most useful would be the unique project management system, enabling high productivity in the work of dispersed teams).

DAN membership is initially limited to 10000 individuals. Each must provide profile data about himself (which masks his actual identity). A subscription fee will be charged, variable by amount of disk space used, ranging upwards from ten euros/month. However registration is temporarily free for qualified persons. Membership is open to development consultants and other professionals in the international development field as well as to other experts in any field who provide/ or are willing to provide short or long term expertise to the developing world.

Security is provided by
  • 1. Username and Password at login
  • 2. Access List authorisation for membership of Meeting/chat rooms;
  • 3. SSL-encrypted communictions between DAN and users anywhere
  • 4. A strong data encryption/compression utility is provided for free to members, for use as they wish.
DAN is built on GroupFactor (c) technology, a secure intra/extranet platform, owned by Herbert Street Technologies Ltd., of Dublin, Ireland, which also owns and manages this network. (See for further information)